What to Expect

A Little About Us

We are a group of baptized believers and our approach to Christianity is very simple. We look at the Word of God and strive to do what it says. We want to be like Jesus both individually and as a Body of Believers.

What to Expect When You Visit

We know that visiting a church for the first time is very difficult. Be assured that our desire is to welcome you but not overwhelm you. We will not single you out in any way. We want you to feel at home and to be a part of the family here at Southern Hills.

About Our Worship Assemblies

Our worship assemblies are also simple. We strive to worship God in a way that both honors Him and is encouraging and uplifting for all who are present. We believe this helps us to keep our priorities of life in order and draws us closer to each other and to our Father in Heaven. During Sunday morning worship, expect congregational singing, scripture reading, prayer, and a lesson usually from our minister. We also partake of the Lord’s supper on every first day of the week as well as take up an offering.

About the Lord’s Supper

We observe the Lord’s Supper every Sunday, as was the practice of the New Testament church. If you are a believer, we welcome you to lift the loaf and the cup with us, celebrating the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is not limited to members of Southern Hills. Please partake of the emblems as they are passed.

About the Offering

Please do not feel obligated to participate in the offering. The offering is intended for people who consider Southern Hills their church home. If you are a guest, we hope we are able to give you something today.